Corporate Portfolio Management

When there is a need for change at the Corporate level, those accountable for the Organisation’s Change & Operational budgets will be challenged to show where cost is being incurred, and more importantly where are the opportunities to reduce cost… in order to free up budget… to pay for the new high priorities. 

Ask yourself the following:

·       Do you know how much of your current change budget is aligned to Strategic Objectives?

·       Does your Portfolio Management Service enable you to control and monitor exactly where your organisation’s resources are deployed?

·       Can you trust that key objectives will be delivered on time, and that you’ll get what you asked for when they are delivered?

·       Do you feel that you have full control over actual financial costs, budgets, and benefits?

·       As a new Priority requires funding, can your team quickly re-schedule to absorb the work whilst minimising disruption to other priorities?

Most organisations struggle in one or more of the above… Orsum’s solutions are Globally recognised for designing and delivering unique improvement strategies to resolve all the above and more.

The delivery, and continual improvement of people, processes, and tools to enable such rapid decision making is known as “Corporate Portfolio Management”.

When this function is not operating efficiently, the C-Level is unable to make informed strategic decisions, and is often forced to stop valuable key initiatives, based on flawed information, in order to free up the necessary funds.

As the pace of change increases, the C-Level need to be able to react quickly to environmental change, and refocus their resources rapidly to align to key objectives. While other major consultancies are designed to deliver low level tools and processes… we have a unique skillset and approach which has been proven to deliver success where other major consultancies have failed.

At Orsum, we ensure you are doing the right things to improve your organisation… and then we ensure the right things are done right… 

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