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Our core offering is split into four distinct areas:

1. Corporate Portfolio Management - Strategic Review

2. Creation of World Class Corporate Portfolio & Transformational Change Organisation

3. Development and Delivery of PPM Processes and Tools

4. Project Management Maturity Improvement


1.       Corporate Portfolio Management - Strategic Review

If you are in any doubt about your organisation’s current PPM capabilities, there are very few consultancies who are able to undertake a full, impartial, review culminating in the production of an outline Business Case detailing any advisory improvements for your internal use...

Your only other credible option is to go to one of the other major consultancies, in the knowledge that their output will be weighted towards areas which offer future deployment opportunity for their extended team…  What you get from our team – is a clear, concise, yet comprehensive view of your current setup, with an actionable development proposal.

In previous reviews we have performed, we cover Vision, Mission, and Strategy. We review the existing implementation, future scope & plan for PPM. We investigate, and understand the key business needs & requirements. We have then performed a gap analysis and identified opportunities to increase the benefits to the organisation, and developed a proposal for the future development of PPM process and tools.

By incorporating any development areas from the above in a Business Case format, if you then choose to go forward with an improvement plan, you already have the evidence required to allocate the required funding.


2.       Creation of World Class Corporate Portfolio & Transformational Change Organisations

Every Organisation goes through periods of significant change, which sometimes require a complete Transformation. Whether large or small – the same base principles apply, but the pace of change may differ. We at Orsum have experience of setting up and running both such organisations, to ensure your Portfolio of change is successfully deployed.

At one of the top world's largest consumer goods companies, we led the Transformation of Portfolio capabilities from a base state where the Business had completely lost faith in IT’s ability to deliver… to be the Business’ trusted adviser, enabling Business leaders and IT to meet and optimise the Corporate Portfolio through shared prioritisation meetings chaired by the CIO, and facilitated by our consultants. The results of this Transformation have been published and presented as best practice at many Global PPM forums.

With a major international Investment Bank, we were invited to lead the Transformation of a failing multi-million $ Portfolio Management organisation, which had been attempting to implement a single global process model for 14 years and spent close to $50M. Within two years, we turned this around and successfully implemented a total Corporate Portfolio Management solution bank wide. This process model was then used to govern and control the Bank’s Transformation Program.

Working with the UK’s biggest Steel producer, as a key partner in their global Transformation Change Program, delivered central coordination and development of processes and tools to enable tracking and control of all prioritised improvement activity. This was supplemented by the development and delivery of key metrics, balanced scorecarding and dashboarding.


3.       Development and Delivery of PPM Processes and Tools

We specialise in turning around failing multi-million dollar PPM implementation Programs. Being successful in difficult political environments where there may have been a history of siloed requirements, lack of consensus, internal conflict, disparate process models, low adoption, or simply fear of change.

A prime example of this was working with a tier one Swiss bank in a Senior Director level role, transforming a failing PPM implementation which had been running for 14 years, and had spent over $45M. Working on one of the top 4 objectives for the bank’s CFO, successfully drove the creation, deployment, and adoption of a single global IT & business portfolio, program and project management framework to control over 2Bn of annual spend and a pool of 23,000 resources, delivered through the development of a new suite of systems and processes, based on the CA Clarity (CAPPM) platform.

Working with one of the world's top 3 consumer goods companies as Head of PMO, turned around a failed IT organisation and in doing so created a best in class Project Management Organisation within Europe with annual budget and managed the continuous improvement of project management processes and tools globally. Responsible for management and governance of project lifecycle, change control, scope, time, cost, budget, quality, risk, resources, stakeholders, communications, reporting, and procurement.


4.       Project Management Maturity Improvement

When the key PPM Processes, Organisation, and Tools are successfully in place, the focus for improvement turns to the PM. Most organisations have a mixture of hired in ‘experts’ in this role, plus many more resources with less experience. By employing a mixture of Training, Coaching, Monitoring, and Communication, the maturity of the Project Management community can be improved. This in turn allows your organisation to trust more in your ability to deliver change on time, to agreed cost, and quality.

At one of the world's largest consumer goods companies, we embedded best practice project, portfolio & program management practices across 5 global regions whilst providing world class systems and processes, incorporating six sigma, ITIL and portfolio management.

Working with their global customers, CIO’s, VP’s, and directors, we designed and implemented new global IT governance, strategy, methodologies, and processes to enable Project Managers to succeed. Following this we embedded Training and Coaching, followed up with a suite of only 8 metrics which ensured all projects remained on track, and any problems were identified and corrected quickly.

This culminated in the presentation of results of this technique to over 200 world ITMG leaders at the Global Project Management excellence seminar.

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